8 Useful life hacks for women

Women Tips

Use an ice cube to close pores

Rubbing an ice cube all over your face before you apply makeup helps closes pores and reduce redness for glowing skin. Likewise, It will help your makeup last longer.

Iron clothes with hair straighteners

When you don’t have the time to get the ironing board out, A pair of straighteners will brush out overlaps instantly.

Clear your internet history to find cheaper offers online

Whenever you are looking for the best deal online, note that your browser will store the sites you visited and if you return, it’s likely the price will still be the same or have increased because their site will be trying to make you spend more. Clear your browser cache and you will be able to search afresh. This is only for people looking for best deals online aka the awoof finder.

Are you looking to clear some space in your email inbox? Search ‘unsubscribe’ in your email inbox

An easy way to clear a lot of space in your email inbox is to clear some marketing emails, all promotions have an option to unsubscribe, meaning you can quickly delete a lot of emails. You can quickly say goodbye to updates from the online store you ordered your dad’s funeral souvenirs five years ago.

Maintain a long playlist for a long-distance workout

When you create a long list of songs for a workout, you won’t be glancing at the time the whole way through. You stop when the music stops.

Put the blame on your cell phone if you can’t sleep

According to a research study, looking at the mobile’s screen at bedtime makes people take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them. Deep sleep is crucial for your body to rejuvenate cells and rebuild damage suffered during the day. Sincerely, social media can wait until morning.

Track your meals with a printable or digital food timetable

Recent research has shown logging what you eat is a practical method for weight loss and management.

Visit the website supercook.com to for food idea

You can tick what ingredients you have in the listed options and it tells you what food you can make with the ingredients you have and how to make them.

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