How to make your weekend more lively than usual


Cook with the Girls

The maid has been the one cooking for you; why not do it together with your girls this weekend. You could name it a family cooking project 101. Get all the ingredient you need to make a delicious meal. You can make smoothies, pepper sauce or any of your favourite dishes. This is fun and the girls will enjoy having mummy in the kitchen with them.

Play Games Together

When was the last time you played games with the family? You could try it out this weekend? There are varieties of interesting and fun game you could try. You could try Monopoly, Whot, Ludo and so on. You could even try new games.

Have a Movie Night

Each member of the family could choose a movie for the night to watch together. Make sure everyone can watch the movie you decided to watch. Each member of the family should have a say on this. It could be a comedy, adventure, Sci-fi and you could even decide to go for an action movie. Make sure everyone is on the same page so as make the time worth it. The interesting thing about this is that you might have forgotten how much you loved a movie until your little daughter picked it out. For some, it might be the videos of their wedding that they haven’t watched in a while (especially the newly wedded couple).

You could try Something You’ve Never Done Before

Don’t say there’s nothing to do when there are many new things you could try on a weekend. Actively look for something new to do, you will surely find one and you can never know if it will the fun or not until you give it a try.

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