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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 speaks of empowering women and achieving equality as an important key to the development of Africa.

The African woman is however faced with several challenges, from trying to break glass ceilings in the workplace to the requirements of being a wife, mother and woman in a society that many times demands she sees herself as less than equal.

When Women Win is a platform that serves as an enabler for women; helping them exhale, discover themselves, be inspired, motivated and coached to become all they can be. It also seeks to celebrate and advocate for women. The rationale is that when more women are empowered, they can become better contributors to economic development.

Focus Areas

When Women Win will support women’s growth based on three key pillars:

Inspiring Positive Action

Inspiring positive action by women to advance themselves using content across media platforms.

Impacting Knowledge

Exposing women to needed knowledge on career and business development, as well as health, finance and lifestyle improvements.

Increasing Opportunities

Creating and showcasing opportunities for women, advocating for women’s rights and celebrating feminine excellence.

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